Tactical Zodiac Ring

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Creatively Designed Ring to Carry Self Defense Tool Smartly!

What if you can carry your own hidden self-defense weapon? Our Tactical Zodiac Ring features a small and sharp knife to help you in emergency situations. This is perfect as a self-defense weapon when encountering danger as there is a hidden knife when you need to use it. Safety button to open the mini knife and easy to close. It also comes with a gift box, a nice gift for friends.


  • HIDDEN KNIFE: An excellent self-defense ring provided by the concealed razor edge knife hidden inside a rectangular hinged compartment at the ring’s crown. The hinged cover is engraved with your spirit animal to summon their protective chakra.

  • STUNNING APPEARANCE: This exquisitely crafted self defense ring is made of high-quality stainless steel. Handcrafted to a standard of perfection for full efficiency. Comfortably adjustable ring band allows it to find your finger easily.

  • SELF DEFENSE WEAPON: The ring is highly capable of inflicting a deep cut, enough to temporarily disarm even the most impassioned attacker giving you a chance to escape or dislodge your attacker’s hold aided.


This item is a self-defense ring knife, which is made of high quality SUS stainless steel. We according to the 12 constellation to design this rings. Not like some similar hand-made rings, this one is well-made and has nice appearance.

Ring Knife Outdoor Self defense Tool


It can be used as a self-defense weapon when encounter danger, a hidden knife when you need to use it. Safety button to open the mini knife and easy to close. It also comes with gift box, nice gift for friends.

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