Portable Ultrasonic Cleaner

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Clean Every Household Items From Jewelry To Fruits Effortlessly With This Portable Ultrasonic Cleaner

Do you want to revolutionize cleanliness and hygiene in your daily life? This Portable Ultrasonic Cleaner is the ultimate solution to your cleaning purpose.


  • HIGH POWER: The ultrasonic washing machine features industrial-grade cleaning power in an ultra-compact design. Results in convenient and effective cleaning. This ultrasonic washer effectively removes fruits and vegetable pesticides + bacteria. Works at higher frequencies with less power consumption and water.

  • INDEPENDENT CLEANING CONTROL: The ultrasonic washer aims to revolutionize cleanliness and hygiene in our daily lives by using ultrasonic cleaning technology. The ultrasonic washer generates modulated ultrasonic waves that travel through water to clean at a microscopic level.

  • HIGHLY EFFICIENT & WIDELY USE: This ultrasonic washing machine can be used to wash cloth and more. Such as females’ underwear, children’s cloth, jewelry (gold, silver, jewel), watch, tea set, tableware, glasses, stainless steel, glassware, ceramic utensils, vegetable, and fruit.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: The ultrasonic washer is a portable ultrasonic cleaner that can clean everything. It’s better than anything else in your household. This ultrasonic washing machine is perfect for travelers, parents, students, and urban dwellers alike.

  • CLEAN ON THE GO: Laundry is quite inconvenient when traveling or on a business trip. Simply soak dirty clothes in the water, place the ultrasonic washer in the middle of the garment and turn on the power. 

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The ultrasonic washer is made of a high-quality Stainless Steel material. The eco-friendly ultrasonic washing machine is convenient to use. Easy to operate and carry.

If you are worried about cleaning deeply your household items without spending too much time, water and energy then check this Portable Ultrasonic Cleaner!

You will not get your items cleaner than this with Mini Ultrasonic Cleaner. For all the clean freaks out there, it’s now easier to remove dirt, grime or bacteria from them. This ultrasonic cleaner cleans deeply while being super portable. Its size is equivalent to your palm only and fit inside anywhere so you can carry around anywhere you go! Just get the bowl of water along with whatever needs sanitised and let your Portable Ultrasonic Cleaner – Mini Sonic Soak Cleaner do its magic on it!

Portable Ultrasonic Cleaner - Mini Sonic Soak Cleaner

This Portable Ultrasonic Cleaner uses modulated ultrasonic waves to disintegrate dirt and bacteria at a microscopic level. It sends about 50,000 ultrasonic vibrations per second into the bowl you are using and cleans your valuable items be that Fruits, Jewelleries Or Veggies! These vibrations cause microscopic caviatation bubbles which ultimately hits the surface of what needs to be cleaned and implodes. And resulting pressure washes out dirt, grime, oil or any kind of bacteria.

Portable Ultrasonic Cleaner - Mini Sonic Soak Cleaner

The best thing about this Ultrasonic Portable Cleaner is that it emits so low amount of sound that is equivalent to the sound of moderate rainfall. You can clean about anything with this, it can be clothing, jewelry, toothbrush, fruits, veggies or toys – just about ANYTHING!

Portable Ultrasonic Cleaner - Mini Sonic Soak Cleaner

Being portable, you can carry it anywhere you like whether you are travelling or going on a trip! It is completely safe to use and doesn’t have any side effect as it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals. It is so gentle yet extremely effective!

Portable Ultrasonic Cleaner - Mini Sonic Soak Cleaner

How to use:

  • Firstly, fill the container or bowl of your choice based on the size of items.
  • Now plug-in the Ultrasonic Cleaner and power it up.
  • Finally, add your detergent or soap of your preference and drop in the Mini Ultrasonic Cleaner inside the bowl of water. Stir it until it is completely dissolved.
  • Now just press the SET button to set the time and ON button to start it and let the Portable Ultrasonic Cleaner – Mini Sonic Soak Cleaner do its magic on your items.

Portable Ultrasonic Cleaner - Mini Sonic Soak Cleaner

Note: It is advisable to clean your items below 45 degrees of water temperature.

Package contains:

  • 1x Portable Ultrasonic Cleaner

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