Anti – Collision Door Stopper

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A Seamless, Elegant Doorstop That Stops The Door Invisibly 

Are you worried about stopping fast swinging doors? Don’t worry. The magnetic Anti-Collision Door Stopper stops the door with ease. The strength of the magnet activates the alloy sheet in a split second.


  • EXCELLENT BUILD QUALITY: The heavy-duty door stopper is constructed of high-quality zinc alloy metal, solid, sturdy and rust-proof. So this lock will serve you for a long time. The magnet is strong enough to hold and catch the door.

  • PRECISION IN DESIGN: Classic designed door stopper in graceful modeling could be used in office, bedroom, bathroom or other locations. This door stopper is elegant in every way with it’s brushed finish.

  • HIGH DURABILITY: Anti-collision door stopper’s zinc alloy solid base is thickened, not easy to damage. And this door catch is anti-wear, anti-kick, sturdy, windproof hence extremely durable.


The Anti – Collision Door Stopper is a small but powerful door stopper. With the strong adhesive magnet, it can hold the swinging door tightly to avoid any slamming or scratching to the furniture. It offers a drill-free installation.  

The door stopper is made of anti-rust stainless steel which is durable. It is silm and compact which is space-saving. The stopper can be widely applied in household, office, bathroom or any kind of doors. Let's get yours now.  


  • Strong AdhesionWith the strong adhesion magnet, it can hold the door effectively and stop it from swinging.  

  • Drill-Free Installation: There is a 3M back tape which drilling is not required. Your door surface won't be damaged.

  • Durable Material: It is made of high-quality and anti-rust stainless steel which is durable. 

  • Wide Application: The stopper can be widely applied at home, office, bathroom or any kind of doors.


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: 2cm X 3cm X 5.5xm / 6cm X 5mm
  • Color: Black / White / Gold / silver

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